Thousands Rallied at Their State’s Capitols

You may have seen a few stories on the local news or read a few articles.  You may have even seen the photo gallery that USA Today posted on their website, or the brief coverage Fox News gave the Nation Wide rallies for 2nd Amendment Rights that happened in State Capitols this weekend.  You’ve probably even commented or thought to yourself about the “low turnout” that the media is reporting.   The turnout, was actually not as low as the media would like for you to believe.

Gun Rights Rally

In Tallahassee, Florida alone, numbers were documented to be over 1,200.  Other states report numbers of 800 in New York, and as much as 2,000 in Connecticut.  Supporters of the 2nd Amendment came out in all kinds of weather, organized grass roots style with little to no financial backing from interest groups and organizations, and stood at their state capitols to have their voices heard by the politicians in this country!  The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans organized these rallies in all 50 states without the help of the largest gun rights group in the country, the National Rifle Association.

Regardless of what the media reports, the facts remain true.  Patriots are uniting all over the country to stand on the side of the Constitution.  They’re standing for what is right, and to tell corrupt politicians, “We will allow you to pervert your oath of office NO MORE!”