Support Constitutional Values

Calling All Patriots!

Primary season is upon us, and many states have Politicians running who’re just waiting to be elected to start stripping away our 2nd Amendment Rights.  Will you sit idly by while the Super PACs and Hollywood Elites pour money into the campaigns of those who wish to disarm you?

Join the fight to support Constitutional policies and candidates!  Primaries are coming up and we need your help.  We need the funding to take the fight to those who wish to bring tyranny and remove your Natural Right to self defense!  Too often the Patriots of this country have been silenced and their voices and concerns not heard.  That time is over!  Patriots United for Freedom PAC supports the Patriot Movement and the ideals you all stand for!  But we need YOUR help in this fight too!  Whether you want to purchase a MOLON LABE t-shirt as a way of supporting, or simply Donate, the fight must be won before it’s too late!

It is our mission to ensure that only Constitution supporting candidates and policies are followed no matter what state you reside in.  Join the fight now!  By making a donation or purchasing a shirt you’re enabling the Patriot community to have a voice! The funds raised will go directly to supporting Constitutional values, policies, and candidates.