Pro 2nd Amendment Rally All State Capitols!

Aren’t you tired of only hearing one side of the Gun debate argument no matter where you turn? Aren’t you tired of these indoctrinated liberals screaming to take your rights away because of the failures to enforce already existing laws? Aren’t you tired of your politicians only seeing one side and slowly chipping away at your 2nd Amendment protected, God Given Right to defend yourself and your family?

Then it’s TIME TO FIGHT BACK! Join us in EVERY STATE’S CAPITOL on April 14th at 2PM EST as we make our voices heard too! Join us as we rally with every other state in the Republic to show our support for the 2nd Amendment, and let our politicians and those who wish to dismantle the Constitution that we’ve had ENOUGH!

The rally is being organized and led by the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, which is a coalition of Patriot Groups in every state.  To get involved and find out more details about the Rally in all 50 States, please visit their website or their events section on Facebook by clicking here.