Patriot or Loyalist?

The American Revolution never truly ended.

During the Revolution, it is common to think in terms of Minutemen vs Redcoats. But it was more than Patriots against Britain. It was loyalists trying to maintain a peaceful life in the frame of a known government and monarchy vs a group of radical idealists ready to cast aside a known tyranny for an unknown cause of self destiny. Many competing factors and people: slaves, Indians, loyalist, British military, colonists, patriots and patriot infighting.

All had an agenda. We see it continue today.

The federal government in many ways is the middle of spectrum and pendulum. Neither an enemy or a friend. It is a necessary evil. The federal government can be “loyalist” or “patriot”. Today it is infested with “loyalists”.

The socialists are the new “loyalists”. They understand as did our founders that they must:

– build popular support
– intimidate rivals
– use public participation to shame rivals

They are using our founders playbook.

We are not united. We are in the middle of a continuing American Revolution.

2 comments on “Patriot or Loyalist?

  1. April 12, 2018 Howard Wemple

    We Patriots must redouble our efforts to continue to drain the swamp in Washington. We must elect only people who have sworn to support our duly elected President and his agenda. NO MORE RINOS, SOCIALISTS, OR LEFT WING FASCISTS!

    • April 12, 2018 Spiritof1776



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